From the perspective of the layout of the global insurance technology industry, from 2016 to 2017,  the venture capital market of insurance technology burst out with extraordinary vitality. The health insurance field and data-based technology companies have become the largest investment hotspot; technology companies driven by big data and artificial intelligence technology have also received high attention. From the perspective of China's current situation of the global insurance technology industry, from 2012 to the end of 2017, there were more than 350 equity transactions in the insurance technology industry, with a total amount of 23 billion yuan. However, the development of domestic insurance technology market is slower than the global market, and most of the important financing is focused on rounds A and B. the sales and price comparison platform based on Internet channel is a hot field, and the popularity of automobile insurance is as before. In addition, the whole insurance technology market is also favored by "cross-border people". Internet giants and technology companies around the world, communication, automobile, retail and other industries closely related to insurance, are also rapidly seizing the beach of insurance technology industry to expand their business territory.

Under such a background and market demand requirement, Asia InsurTech & User Experience Management Summit 2020 will be held on 20th-21st, May in Shanghai. This event focuses on the latest InsurTech technology applicatio, combined with the concept of "customer experience oriented". It starts from various process links such as insurance product research and development, pricing, operation, sales, marketing, loss assessment, claim settlement, etc., and deeply discusses the implementation of intelligent insurance services, optimizes the operation process, and sorts the new ecology of insurance industry in the era of science and technology. This event surrounds the theme of "Building a New Smart Insurance Ecosystem with the Best Understanding of Customers in the Asia Pacific ", invites institutions in the field including insurance / reinsurance companies, insurance brokers, artificial intelligence technology companies, big data technology companies, cloud computing technology companies, interactive design companies, marketing companies (4A, big data marketing, new media marketing...) , software companies (CRM, ERP...) Other insurance technology companies (Block chain, Internet of things...) , consulting companies (strategy, user experience, innovation, technology & social media, marketing, finance,...) , network security technology company, financial investment company, payment company, call center and other insurance technology and user experience industry chain related institutions.

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The first international summit focusing on insurance technology innovation from the perspective of improving user experience to optimize the new ecology of digital transformation of insurance industry
Participants oriented agenda structure, "Upstream demand + downstream technology" two-way docking, efficient access to commercial social networks
Big data analysis, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, middle system transformation, NPs, interactive design, ERP management …hot spots hunting of insurance technology and quantitative user experience
Awards ceremony of "golden Innovation Award" ,commending the user experience oriented pioneer enterprises with pioneering service spirit and innovation strength in the field of Insurance Technology in Asia
Insurance companies , insurance technology companies and relevant organizations of user experience management accounted for 75%, and the main participants are senior decision-making level, chief technology officer, chief product officer and chief user officer
Coffee break 1-to-1 guest introduction service, making business communication more efficient
One stop appointment visit and internal study for Shanghai insurtech enterprises
  • World and Asia InsurTech Market
  • InsurTech Empowers Insurance Business Operation; Roadshow vs InsurTech
  • Big Data Analytics&AI
  • Consumer market insight: do you really know your users? ——Combining with the characteristics of users in the digital world, explore the new business point of insurance technology innovation
  • InsurTech Innovation Ability of Asia Developing and Developed Countries, and Business Prospect Analysis
  • Innovation Orientation and Development Trends of InsurTech

It comes from innovation, refers to the existing mode of thinking which is different from the normal or ordinary people idea as the guidance, use the existing knowledge and material, in the specific environment, with a view to the idealized needs or to satisfy the needs of society, to improve or create new things.

Committee of Data Sharing Technology of Innovation Office of China Management and Science Academy、Peking University、Sinosoft Ltd., Coway Investment etc.

12.01 to 2.15: Fulfil Award Application Form and Send to the Organizer | 2.16 to 3.15: Start the Online Poll | 3.16 to 4.15: Enterprise Evaluation and Expert Selection | 5.20: Asia InsurTech And User Experience Management Summit 2020 and "Golden Innovation Award" & Media Interview 

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2. Influence among Industry

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4. Brand Value among Industry

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