MIAS 2020

In recent years, digital transformation has set off a new wave of industrial revolution, digital has become an essential connector and converter. In addition, the work and life style of the original generation of the Internet further forced enterprises to make digital upgrading of the original production and service mode. Under the background of "Internet +", insurance big data, 5G technology, block chain, user experience and other new ways of thinking and technology continue to penetrate into the insurance industry, the insurance industry is developing under the new normal situation of the insurance industry, such as interconnection and integration. In order to meet the vigorous development of the automobile insurance industry, the international vision of the development of the automobile insurance industry needs to be further explored, and the development of the insurance industry needs to be deeply focused and created. New.

3rd Asia Motor Insurance&Big Data and After-salse Market Forum 2020 is a grand event of great significance. Focusing on the theme of "exploring the special path of auto and insurance in the age of stock", the summit brings together top experts and scholars from domestic and foreign auto, insurance, auto aftermarket, auto supply chain finance and other technical fields to interpret the latest policies and Development trend, in-depth focus on Asia Pacific Auto Insurance and post market industry development cases, change direction. At the same time, the paper examines the industry policy orientation, regulatory reform, regional characteristics, cooperation mode and technological iteration of auto insurance and post market in Asia Pacific region with Chinese market as the main body from an international perspective Experts and scholars at home and abroad, who are open-minded, deeply focused and jointly explore the future and development path of auto insurance and post market industry in the Asia Pacific region.

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MIAS 2020
A high-end forum systematic analyzes that automobile insurance is covering the whole industry chain of insurance industry
Participants oriented agenda structure, a special forum accurately interpret the latest industry policies and development trends, and deeply focus on the development cases of automobile and insurance industry and the direction of change in the Asia Pacific region
Driverless, commercial vehicle fee reform, automotive aftermarket, new energy vehicles...Hot spots of automobile insurance
Awards ceremony of "golden Innovation Award" ,commending the pioneer enterprises with pioneering spirit and innovation strength in the field of automobile insurance in Asia
Insurance companies and insurance technology companies accounted for 70%, and the main participants are senior decision-making level and chief technology officer
Coffee break 1-to-1 guest introduction service, making business communication more efficient; exhibition hall business exhibition, more accurate docking with customers; special VIP guest seat card row optimization, accurate expansion of contacts
One stop appointment visit and internal study for Shanghai automobile insurance enterprises
Listen to more authoritative internal sharing, more conference materials, post conference guest speech ppt link Download
MIAS 2020
  • Opportunity and Prospect of automobile insurance and automobile post market development in the digital era
  • Scientific and technological innovation and consumption upgrading promote the all-round transformation of automobile industry
  • Industrial policy and emerging technology become the catalyst for the development and upgrading of automotive aftermarket
  • Make full efforts to layout industrial integration, work together with financial institutions and insurance companies to create a post auto new ecology
  • Accelerating the digital strategy of automotive aftermarket and exploring more possibilities of Internet transformation of automotive aftermarket industry
  • Activate data value with blockchain and enable insurtech innovation
It comes from innovation, refers to the existing mode of thinking which is different from the normal or ordinary people idea as the guidance, use the existing knowledge and material, in the specific environment, with a view to the idealized needs or to satisfy the needs of society, to improve or create new things.

Committee of Data Sharing Technology of Innovation Office of China Management and Science Academy、Peking University、Sinosoft Ltd., Coway Investment etc.

12.01 to 1.31: Fulfil Award Application Form and Send to the Organizer | 2.1 to 2.28: Start the Online Poll | 3.1 to 4.10: Enterprise Evaluation and Expert Selection | 4.15: Asia Motor Insurance&Big Data and After-salse Market Forum 2020 and "Golden Innovation Award" & Media Interview 

1. Ability of Independent Innovation

2. Influence among Industry

3. Strategic Planning of Enterprises

4. Brand Value among Industry

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MIAS 2020
MIAS 2020
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