Innovation Economy as the new energy to Asia-pacific economic integration, at the same time, Chinese Internet insurance innovation is gradually affecting the entire Asia-pacific region, an open rule of the insurance industry in the Asia-pacific region is being established.

Internet Insurance Summit Asia Pacific 2018 is a subversive significance pageant. The theme of it is " Subvert and Remodel: New EngineNew OpportunityNew Ecosystem", and surrounds the gist "Exploration of the Innovative Model of Internet insurance". It Focuses on Asian insurance and Internet finance. Leading experts in the field of technologyanalyses the latest industry regulatory policymarket conditionsbusiness models and outlook of development trends, with further attention to the development status of Internet insurance industry in Asia Pacific and its direction of reform. Meanwhile we use an international perspective to examine the Chinese market particularly as the subject of the Asia-pacific Internet insurance policy orientation, regulatory change, regional characteristics, cooperation and innovation model. The summit will bring together expertsscholars and business decision makers from domestic and international, and it will provide wide opportunities for airing viewsdepth focusingthrough these to explore the future and development path of the Internet insurance industry in the Asia-pacific region.

 AIIS  2018 will deliver:


1----- The Market Situation Analysis and Innovative Models Exploration in the Existing Market Economy

2----- On the macroscopic view of the development trend of Internet insurance industry in Asia Pacific

3----- Policy interpretation with the development path of diversified Internet insurance and focuses on industry reform signal

4----- The development opportunities and prospects under the favorable policy situation

5----- Further transform of the Internet insurance enterprise under the insurance technology wave

6----- The Exploration of Internet Insurance Innovation ModelThe opportunities and challenges brought by the transition period

7----- The New Normal brought by the Evolution and Transition from Traditional Insurance Business Model to Internet Business Model

8----- Science and technology help insurance, explore the new models of "Internet + insurance"

9----- InsurTech: Technological innovation will accelerate the insurance industry's innovation

10----- The case sharing of disruptive Internet insurance innovation

11----- Service Innovation of Health Insurance based on the Internet Healthcare Ecology

12----- Internet insurance institutions share service innovation, platform innovation and channel innovation

13----- Case sharing in Internet auto insurance and the judgment of industry trends

14----- Oversee the Tendency of Internet Insurance: Sell in Scenarios, Handle Big Data with Intelligence, Collaborate Cross-Industries

15----- Is “Disintermediation” the Outcome of Internet Insurance Development?

16----- Software organizes all-channel platform to enable new mode of insurance service

17----- Committed to the blockchain to promote the upgrading of the Internet insurance industry

18----- The world's first Internet insurance cloud platform makes insurance easy

19----- The Oversea Innovative Models of Internet Insurance

20----- Platform Innovation: Anticipate the Future Market of Customization

21----- Internet Insurance Platforms Join the Intelligence ”Forces”, Intelligent Customization is Becoming the Industry Trend

22----- Integrating and constructing a new ecology, improving and innovating new business models

23----- Cross-boundary institutions and insurance companies form a community of interests

24----- Financial science and technology should find the conjunction point with the insurance company to maximize the value

25----- Insurance will Shift from Sales Drive to Technology Drive

26----- Deep Insurance Law Expert, Escort for Internet Insurance 3:0

27----- Insurance cross-border cooperation based on Interconnected Thinking

28----- How does the cross-boundary cooperation of Internet insurance more accurate focusing industry pain point

29----- From Digital Intelligent Logistics to “Smarter” Insurance

30----- Extend insurance industry chain By Multiple cooperation

31----- Cross-boundary cooperation between the mutual insurance institutions and the Internet

10+Topics 32+Presentations 85+(Re)Insurers 150+Cross-domain Companies 420+Attendees 5000+Global Audiences

10+ Topics, 32+ Presentations, 85+ (Re)Insurers, 150+ Cross-domain Companies, 420+ Attendees, 5000+ Global Audiences

Publish of recent regulations and policies in Asian emerging markets including China, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam, led by China

Only event that observe China internet insurance market from an Asian macroscopic view in China

Technology and Innovation” lights the innovative road for industry; “Crossover and Fusion” builds the solid barrier for enterprise

Aim to commend enterprises and individuals with pioneer spirit in Asian Internet insurance industry, “Oscar” of Asian internet insurance industry
Internet Insurance Summit Asia Pacific 2018 and "Golden Innovation Award" Ceremony
  • Golden Innovation means innovation in the finance! Innovative activities can be used to the resources a new capacity to create more value for customers. In the revolutionary Internet era, innovation is the driving force to enterprise development!
  • Coway Investment, Sinosoft.Co., Ltd., Peking University, Data Sharing Alliance, Committee of Big Data Sharing Technology of Innovation Office of China Management and Science Academy
  • 1st, Jan-2nd, Feb: Application form will be sent to the organizer's mailbox | 6th, Feb-12th, Feb: Start the online poll | 13th, Feb-15th, March: Enterprise research and expert selection | 28th, March: Internet Insurance Summit Asia Pacific 2018 and "Golden Innovation Award" Ceremony & Media Interview
  • The Independent Innovation Ability | The Influence Power of the Industry | Enterprise Strategy Planning | The Industry Brand Value

  • Policy and Regulation Orientation

    Internet Insurance 3.0 Market Status and Tendency

    Transformation to Digital Insurance

    Mobile Internet

    Big Data of Insurance

  • Risk Control

    Internet Health Insurance

    Digitalization of Motor Insurance

    Internet Insurance Institutions

    Platform Innovation and Channel Innovation

  • InsurTech

    Cloud Computing and Artificial Intelligence

    Block Chain Technology

    Intelligent Insurance Services

    Disintermediation and Pan-intermediation

    Cloud Service Safety and Risk Precaution

    Wearable Devices

  • Innovation of Oversea Internet Insurance

    One-stop Insurance Service Platform

    Social Insurance Innovation

    Technique Enabling

    Transformation of Insurance Sales Platform

  • Innovation of Insurance Service Models

    Cloud Platform of Internet Insurance

    Customized Insurance

    Product Fragmentation, Contextualization, and High-frequency

  • Mutual Insurance

    Insurance Exploration and Case Sharing

    Logistics and Smart Insurance

    Crossover and Multiple Cooperation

    Health Management Platform

Summit Day 1 (28th, March)

08:45 TOPIC ONE - Top-Level Design: The Market Situation Analysis and Innovative Models Exploration in the Existing Market Economy
11:40 TOPIC TWO - Opportunities and Challenges Brought by the Evolution and Transition from Traditional Insurance Business Model to Internet Business Model
15:30 Networking Coffee Break

Summit Day 2 (29th, March)

Sub-Forum One: Technology and Innovation
Sub-Forum Two: Crossover and Fusion

Registration and Morning Tea

Registration and Morning Tea

TOPIC THREE - Technology and Technique Promotes the Diversified Development of Internet Insurance Industry

TOPIC THREE - Integrating and Constructing a new ecology, Improving and innovating new business models

Networking Coffee Break

Networking Coffee Break

TOPIC FOUR - The Oversea Innovative Models of Internet Insurance

TOPIC FOUR - Insurance Cross-Border cooperation based on interconnected Thinking

Luxury Luncheon

Panel Discussion: How to Focus More Accurately on the “Pain” of the Cross-border Cooperation of Internet Insurance?

TOPIC FIVE: Situational and Distributional Innovation of Internet Insurance

Luxury Luncheon

Panel Discussion: New Opportunity - When Internet Insurance Meets InsurTech

TOPIC FIVE: Extend Insurance Industry Chain By Multiple Cooperation

End of Sub-Forum One

Panel Discussion: Extend insurance industry chain By Multiple cooperation, Explore the future development trend of Internet insurance

End of AIIS 2018

End of Sub-Forum Two & AIIS 2018

Hotel Address:No. 1199, Yingchun Road, Pu Dong District, Shanghai (Nearby Fangdian Road) | Hotel Reservation Tel: 4008 182 688 | Hotel Website::
Hotel Address:No. 1199, Yingchun Road, Pu Dong District, Shanghai (Nearby Fangdian Road) | Hotel Reservation Tel: 4008 182 688 | Hotel Website::
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